Fervor Grill Gas Grill Barbecue Paper Towel Rack & Shelf Fervor Grill Gas Grill Barbecue Paper Towel Rack & Shelf

Paper Towel Rack & Shelf

Slotting easily into the grooved channels on your Fervor gas grill’s cabinet wall, the Fervor Paper Towel Rack & Shelf ‘locks’ securely into place giving additional shelf space and keeping the paper towel right where you need it – all within arms reach.

Clever, convenient and definitely stylish – another must have accessory for your Fervor gas grill barbecue.

15.5L x 7.54W x 7.52H (Inches)
394L x 191.5W x 191H (Millimetres)

430 Stainless Steel
Black ABS Plastic Part

Suits Models

IC300-R, IC350-S, IC450-S, IC655-S, IC310

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