Garth is a family company in more ways that just its management and structure. Family, friendship and food are at the very centre of what drives our company’s product development and what leads us to innovation.

Designing quality products for families across the world allows us to indulge our passion for combining ingenuity and innovation into everyday design. From our patented self cleaning roasting hoods to our Grillsmart™ Oil Management System, whichever Fervor™ model you choose for your home you’ll discover a range of features and a great design – perfect for your next get together with friends and family.

For more than forty years, our philosophy has been to produce quality products that are attractive and affordable for everyday families. Over time we began to focus on the gas barbecue industry and our company designed and produced some of the first ever gas barbecues for the Australian market.

Now in our fifth decade of operation and with offices around the globe, we still hold the same basic principles of business; that of providing our customers with the most innovative products and designs at the most affordable prices.

Gavin Hill

Chief Executive Officer
Garth Outdoor Leisure.