Fervor Grill Gas Grill Barbecue Pizza Set Fervor Grill Gas Grill Barbecue Pizza Set

Pizza Set

Fervor’s Pizza Set comprises a 13.3 inch / 338 mm diameter corderite ceramic pizza stone – the perfect surface for cooking the perfect pizza crust and an innovative stylish serving tray that replaces the traditional pizza spatula (12.4 inch / 315 mm diameter).

Place your pizza directly onto the hot pizza stone using the serving tray then easily retrieve the hot pizza once it’s cooked. Easy, simple and utterly stylish!

Fervor’s ceramic pizza stone works equally well with our Fervor gas grills as well as traditional wood fired pizza ovens.

Check out our recipe blogs for lots more delicious ideas.

Pizza Stone
Pizza Stone

Corderite Ceramic Clay
430 Stainless Steel parts

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