Fervor Grill Gas Grill Barbecue Cooking plates Fervor Grill Gas Grill Barbecue SP-297 Grill Grate

Grillsmart™ Matt Enamel Cast Iron Grill SP-297

Sometimes the configuration of your cooking grills doesn’t quite work with the foods you’re planning on cooking or you just need that extra little bit of space.

Some foods – like eggs – are better cooked on solid plates while the flavour of steaks and sausages is enhanced from direct exposure to the flames and resulting smoke beneath.

With additional Grillsmart™ cooking grills you can change the cooking area of your Fervor gas grill barbecue to suit your needs.

Store your extra Grillsmart™ cooking grills in the storage drawer or inside the storage cabinet of your Fervor barbecue ready for next time.

NOTE: Fervor barbecues are not designed to be used as 100% solid plate models. Our gas grills are sold as combination cooking surfaces – or all grill models. Replacing all open grill plates with all solid plates will cause your Fervor gas grill barbecue to overheat and malfunction.

An open grill cooking plate must be present at all times.

Suits 4 Burner models only – CL410


25.9cm Width x 44.5cm Depth

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