For entertaining at night or for extra illumination in low light areas, Fervor barbecues (specific models only) provide the solution with inbuilt mains powered low voltage electric lights illuminating the cooking area so you can watch your food without the fear of under / over cooking.

We also feature illuminated control knobs emblazoned with the Fervor boomerang logo. You can see at a glance whether the burners have been left on or whether temperatures need adjusting.

Fervor’s range of gas barbecue grills are fitted with our patented Roasting Hood design. Most Fervor models also feature a full width glass viewing window. Unlike other brands which have smaller windows, the tempered glass runs the entire width of the hood allowing you to view the entire cooking area.

Because you don’t need to repeatedly lift the hood to check on the progress, heat and moisture are retained inside the hood enabling faster more efficient cooking. Ideal when roasting or using the rotisserie.

A stylish Fervor barbecue needs stylish accessories – and Fervor has the perfect solution of where to store them when they’re not being used.

The accessory drawer beneath the controls slides out easily providing the perfect space for storing tools, kebab skewers, knives, pizza stones, etc.

The generously sized storage cabinets provide more than just space for your gas cylinder, we also made sure there was room for the storage of larger items such as extra hotplates, cleaning equipment and rubbish bins (specific models only).

All Fervor barbecues are designed to last. With proper care and regular maintenance you should enjoy your Fervor appliance for many years to come.

For added piece of mind, screws and bolts used in our products are coated in a protective anti-rust coating. Ideal for coastal areas and other harsh environments.

Who wants to spend time cleaning the barbecue after cooking? Not us. That’s why we created our patented self cleaning roasting hoods.

With a pyrolytic coated surface, cleaning the inside of the roasting hood has never been easier. When you’ve finished cooking, simply turn on all cast iron burners and close the roasting hood for twenty minutes.

Like the pyrolytic ovens in your kitchen food splatters and residue are burnt away and the surfaces just need a quick wipe down leaving the hood clean for next time.


Is there anything worse than a barbecue that won’t light – especially when you’ve got a hungry crowd looking on

With Fervor’s Jetforce Ignition you can be sure your barbecue will light every time. Simply turn the control knob until you here the ignition “click” and a shot of flame shoots out down the burner ports instantly igniting the gas.

Jetforce Ignititon

Grillsmart ™ – Exclusive to Fervor

Unique and exclusive to Fervor, Grillsmart™ cooking plates have been specially designed to allow for the easy redirection and drainage of heated fats and oils as they are released from foods during the cooking process.

With angled cooking plates and the channelled cooking surfaces, fats and oils travel down the collection channel and into the waste cup – which is easily removed for disposal and cleaning.

Grillsmart™ technology makes for healthier, great tasting food and a reduction in flare ups.

Best of all, Fervor’s barbecues featuring Grillsmart™ are easier to clean thanks to this innovative breakthrough in BBQ design.


Unlike those barbecues where you have to light all the burners in series just to light one burner, all Fervor barbecues feature our Independent Direct Ignition capability which lets you light the burner you want, when you want.

Independent Direct Ignition

Thanks to the design of our barbecue frames and our long cast iron burners, Fervor barbecues offer zoned cooking capability.

By using specific cooking zones for different foods, you can grill a variety of foods such as steaks, meats, seafood and vegetables together at the same time.

Zoned Cooking